FMX Racing is born from a deep desire to design, shape, test and ultimately deliver world class products to the windsurfing market that racers and customers alike will remember forever.

Drawing from 27-years of competition, design and testing experience, and having learned his initial skill set as a young man directly from legendary #1 master shaper Jimmy Lewis, Finian Maynard began his windsurfing board building career on Maui in 1992. Furthermore, working directly with racing industry giants Richard Greene and Phil McGain, yet more invaluable knowledge, experience and understanding was learned in the historical mecca of windsurfing – Haiku, which ultimately formed a solid base from which a highly successful career was formed.

Fast forward to today and there are simply no limits to what this brand can achieve. With a design and R&D base in the best testing location in the world – Tarifa, Spain, the ability to design in the latest 3d CAD software, shape with 5-axis machining, the ability to watch and check every technical step during the fabrication of the protos, the ability to test, modify and test again in one location is a powerful tool that simply guarantees high-quality products on an ongoing and repeatable basis. 

Combine this setup with a sailor who became the first commercial shaper ever to win a PWA World Cup in any discipline, and it is clearly evident that the technical groundwork for success is right there, ready to be appreciated and enjoyed by you, the customer.

This is the Commitment to Excellence.





L 229 · W 52 · V 74




L 233 · W 63 · V 94




L 233 · W 72 · V 114




L 226 · W 85 · V 144




L 220 · W 91 · V 184

Be the best you can be with the ultimate racing weapons!

The 2019 Invictus slalom and Hyperion foil race board ranges from FMX Racing are the most technically innovative collection of eps racing boards available.

All new competition grade designs, all new competition grade constructions, these are the focal points of this world-class collection.

Designer and shaper Finian Maynard has brought to all models, amongst other technical innovations, an all-new hydrodynamic backend adjustable cutouts release system called the ‘V3 Vector Cuts’.

When combined with the all-new scoop-rocker lines, outlines, deck shapes and rails, this gives the boards next level top-speed and acceleration, whilst significantly increasing the ease of use, control and range.


•  Construction – More ‘high-quality’ carbon in every layup of every model, yielding the highest strength-to-weight-to-stiffness ratio of any eps board on the market.

•  Technical Design – The latest in cutting edge CAD design software and high-precision 5-axis CNC milling creating the highest and most accurate quality control standards throughout the entire proto and master board building process at SBT, whereby every technical step is checked to ensure 100% accuracy with the original file designs.  

All initial eps milling, final shaping, cutouts, finish sanding and tunings of all protos is done personally. 

It is that subtle touch and hands on quality control system for all protos and masters sent to production that makes the products special.

•  Range – Extend your slalom and speed sessions with 20% more range at both low and high end by utilising the full carbon/pvc removable cutout plates system.

•  Quality Control – High precision production finishing with razor sharp rails and water exit releases in the tail sanded to exact and precise quality control tolerances to make each production board feel like the original master.

•  Performance – Designed right, built right, finished right. A true Commitment to Excellence. The rest is up to you.




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Click to reveal technology.


Name: Finian Maynard
Sail Number: KV-11
Disciplines: Slalom
Home Spot: Tarifa, Spain
Favourite Gear: All Invictus slalom models, they feel great!
Favourite Spots: Fuerteventura and Maui
Hobbies: I used to have hobbies until I started my own brand….!
Why FMX Racing: The opportunity was too good to pass up, the ability to create the products from start to finish and then go and race them, a dream come true!

Two-time World Outright 500 meter record holder (46.82-knots ’04 & 48.70-knots ’05)
World outright nautical mile record holder (39.97-knots ’05)
WSSRC 10 Sq.M Class record holder
6-time Speed World Champion (’98-’01, ’06, ’09))
2009 Vice-World Champion PWA Slalom
2011 ranked 5th PWA Slalom
2010 ranked 5th PWA Slalom
2009 ranked 2nd PWA Slalom
2008 ranked 7th PWA Slalom
2007 PWA World Tour Slalom rank 5th
2016 5th Sylt
2017 4th Fly! Ana PWA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Japan
2018 1st Costa Brava PWA Slalom, 10th Fuerteventura
11th Overall Slalom PWA 2018

Name: Maciek Rutkowski
Sail Number: POL-23
Disciplines: Slalom/Foil/Wave
Home Spot: Ustka, Poland
Favourite Gear: The new Hyperion 184, it’s insane!
Favourite Spots:Fuerte for racing, Chile for wavesailing
Hobbies: Surfing, basketball, videography, music
Why FMX Racing: Because at the end of the day for me performance is what matters. When signing the contract I didn’t know almost anything about the brand, I didn’t even know the name! But what I knew is that the boards will perform at the absolute highest level. And that is all I needed.

2nd PWA Foil New Caledonia 2017
5th overall PWA Foil 2017
7th PWA Denmark Slalom 2017
2x Youth World Champion
14x National Champion in 4 different disciplines
Multiple IFCA wins
14th Slalom Overall PWA 2018
12th Foil Overall PWA 2018

Name: Thomas Goyard
Sail Number: FRA-3
Disciplines: Foil, Slalom, RS:X
Home Spot: Nouméa, New Caledonia
Favourite Gear: Hyperion 184
Favourite Spots:Almanarre (France), Anse Vata (Noumea), Gruissan (France)
Hobbies: Photography, surfing, surf foil, kitesurfing, reading, all sciences about energies and hilling persons.
Why FMX Racing: I love being part of development, I like new and going forward, I like creativity, I like small teams, I like engaged persons, I like excellence, I like speed, I want to win, I think FMX is matching well with all those values.

Foil Racing
3rd PWA Foil Nouméa 2017 (first participation to a PWA foil event)
1st RS:X convertible foil Worlds Championships 2017
1st RS:X convertible Europeans championships 2017
1st National Windfoil French championships 2018
4th Azores International windfoil challenge 2018

Slalom Racing :
6th overall Defi Wind 2014
8th overall Defi Wind 2018
31st Slalom PWA 2017 Nouméa (first participation to a PWA slalom event)

RSX Racing
1st European Champion Senior 2016
3rd Senior WorldChampionships 2014
Many 2nd and 3rd places on Senior World Cups 2015-2018 (Miami, Hyères, Marseille ,..)
1st Youth World Championships 2010
1st Youth Europeans Championships 2011 & 2012

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